Arapaho want Yellowbear out of boundary suit

Cheyenne, WY – The Northern Arapaho Tribe says it will oppose an attempt by a tribal member serving time on a murder conviction to intervene in the tribe's federal lawsuit over a
long-standing boundary dispute.

The tribe sued the state and Fremont County last month, arguing that they had been improperly taxing tribal members living in Riverton and other areas nearby.

Andrew John Yellowbear Jr. last week filed a motion to intervene in the tribe's lawsuit. A state jury convicted him in 2006 of murder in the death of his infant daughter.

Yellowbear is arguing in his own federal lawsuit that the state didn't have authority to charge him because he claims that Riverton, where the girl was killed, is legally "Indian Country."

Tim Kingston is a Cheyenne lawyer representing Yellowbear. Kingston says his client wants to get involved in the tribe's lawsuit to make sure his legal interests are protected.

But Mark Howell, spokesman for the Northern Arapaho Tribe, says the tribe doesn't want its boundary issues mixed up with Yellowbear's criminal case.