Artists Trace U.S.-Mexico Border Through Wyoming

Jul 16, 2014

Credit Miles Bryan

A group of artists marking 1821 border between the United States and Mexico traveled through Wyoming over the weekend.

Marcos Ramirez and David Taylor are the artists behind the project, called ‘Delimitations.’ It aims to trace the original, 2,300-mile border between the U.S. and Mexico.

That historic border runs through Medicine Bow National Forest here in Wyoming.

“A significant portion of the town came out and they were really enthusiastic," says Taylor.  there is a young women who has one in her front yard and jokes started flying across the street like “you need to have your passport when you visit my house!”

Taylor and Ramirez are marking the border route with metal obelisks that they’re building as they go.  The project will continue through August.

More information can be found here