Arts Council Worries About Federal Cuts

Laramie, Wyo. – In the wake of the Kansas Arts Commission being cut in order to balance the states budget, other states are worrying the same will happen to their arts councils. But in Wyoming the concern is over federal funding cuts.

Director if state parks and cultural resources Milward Simpson says last year the Wyoming Arts Council lost 58-thousand dollars from the National Endowment fir the Arts. Simpson says any more funding cuts would have an effect on the states rural communities.

"You have a small school for instance who has an opportunity to bring in an artist from somewhere else in the state to provide some arts education, to provide some performances, to provide exposure to a small, rural town to a form of art or to an arts experience that otherwise, the people and the kids in those underserved populations, may never have had an opportunity to experience," says Simpson.

Simpson says private support for the arts has diminished significantly over the last few years. For that reason and it may be difficult to make up future cuts.