Aspen Stands Decline

Laramie, WY – The Wyoming state forester says aspen
stands are in decline here just as they are in other Western

State Forester Bill Crapser says that as Wyoming's aspen stands
are aging, conifers are taking over.

Much of Wyoming's aspen stands are on federal land. Crapser said that places limits on what the state government can do.

Crapser said the extended drought also has had an impact on the health of aspens in Wyoming.

Aspen Alley is a large stand of aspen on the Medicine Bow National Forest between Encampment and Baggs. Crapser said the
trees there are getting old and decaying. He said the only the thing the state can do is cut down old aspen and foster new trees.

The state's Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust Board recently approved 10 aspen regeneration projects. They call for controlled burning and logging to remove older trees to make way for new ones.