AT&T Comes To Wyoming

Laramie, WY – A-T &T says it is bringing its wireless phone service to most of Wyoming by the end of the year. Company spokeswoman Sandy Goldberg says it will be available in northern and eastern parts of the state. She says this will especially impact those who were previously served by the Alltel network that both Verizon and AT&T acquired. AT&T is virtually non-existent in Wyoming and Goldberg says this changes things

"Many of the customers in Wyoming will be excited to hear they will be able to have access to all A-T &T devices including the I-Phone," says Goldberg. "For any customers on the Alltel network they will be able to have the choice of a new handset at no additional cost."

Goldberg says they originally thought that AT&T service would not be available until next summer, but now it should be available in either December or in early 2011.