Attempt To Ban Snowmobiles Fails

Washington, D-C – The House voted today to let snowmobiles
continue using Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.
By a 224-198 vote, the chamber defeated an effort to ban the
vehicles. Some lawmakers argued the machines cause pollution and
noise, and pose a danger to the parks' wildlife.
Democratic Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey argued that
Yellowstone is a unique environment, that deserves an extra level
of protection.
But snowmobile manufacturers and tourism interests argue that a
ban would devastate the local economy around the parks. They also
say newer snowmobiles are cleaner.
The battle over snowmobiles arose as the House worked its way
through a 19-point-five (b) billion dollar measure financing the
Interior Department for the next year.
On another issue, lawmakers voted 215-202 against a proposal
that would have prohibited the National Park Service from killing
any bison from Yellowstone's herd.