Attorney Asks for Delay of Laramie Smoking Ban

Laramie, Wy – The attorney representing six citizens opposed to the smoking ban in Laramie has filed a motion to put off the ban until a trial has taken place. A trial to review the election procedures is set for mid May but the prohibition on smoking in businesses is set to go into affect April sixth.
The city's attorney, Peggy Trent, says she will oppose this effort because an injunction can only be used if it will cause irreparable harm to the people that filed the lawsuit. She says in this case those are citizens that voted in the election not businesses that would be affected by the smoking ban.
The attorney for the six citizens that filed the lawsuit says the courts should put off the ban and uphold the status quo, which right now is smoking in businesses open to the public.
She says the judge will likely rule on this motion in about a week.