Attorneys Argue Over Start Date for Smoking Ban in Laramie

Laramie, Wy – A judge in Laramie is considering whether or not he should delay implementing enforcement of the city's smoking ban. That came after attorneys made arguments today over putting off the ban until after the trial set for mid May. The ban is set to go into effect April sixth right now. Janet Tyler represents voters contesting the referendum on the smoking ban. She says the judge should delay the ban because business owners in Laramie could lose their business or liquor licenses if they get three fines and professionals could also receive sanctions if they are turned in for smoking in public offices.
The judge during the hearing said that argument would mean speculating that people would break the law. Tyler replied there is no harm that is not speculative, but she argued the judge should maintain the status quo until the trial.
The city's attorney, Peggy Trent argued that no harm will come to the voters Trent represents because they are not business owners. She says the only harm she can see coming to them is not being allowed to smoke inside, but they can still smoke outside. Trent says that is why the smoking ban should go into effect.
The judge will some time during the next few days.