Audit Finds Education Money Misspent

Laramie, Wy – The previous head of education in Wyoming may have spent federal grant money to travel to President Bush's inauguration in 2005. An audit of the Department of Ed found that Trent Blankenship was reimbursed one thousand four hundred dollars from a grant for student assessment. He wrote that he attended a meeting on that subject, but there is no substantiation of that meeting. Also, the invoice from the hotel says Trent Blankenship Inaugural Committee.
Blankenship resigned last June saying he was taking a job in Alaska. His replacement, Jim McBride asked the Attorney General to get involved and see if there is a way to get the money returned and see if a criminal investigation is in order.
The audit found that no money is missing, but there are questions surrounding the spending of 443 thousand dollars in federal money. The audit says portions of that was spent on areas not allowed under the rules of the grants.