Auditor candidate Brown cautious on sale of state land

Laramie, WY – A Republican candidate for State Auditor says it is a good idea to try and generate more money for Wyoming schools, but Bruce Brown says officials should also be cautious with selling state land. Brown was asked about a report that indicated that Wyoming has not done enough to maximize its income from state lands. Brown says his approach would be to be very cautious with every potential sale
"Every deal that comes up will require a lot of scrutiny. First thing is will it increase our cash flow? Will it increase the value of state trust lands? Will it benefit the communities with improve access? So you can't take a broad stroke to each individual deal. You must take a look at them on a case by case basis."
Brown is a Certified Public Accountant and says he has operated as a chief financial officer, which qualifies him for the Auditor job. He will face fellow Republican Cynthia Cloud in the primary election.