Authorities Unravel Mystery of Child Abduction

Laramie, Wy – A five-year-old Utah girl who was allegedly abducted by her father last night has been released back to him.
Authorities in Carbon County unraveled the complicated story of the alleged abduction that triggered an Amber Alert.
Steven Miller from Texas, picked up his daughter, Stephanie, at her mother's home in Harrisville, Utah. The mother reported it as an abduction, and authorities triggered the alert.
The father and daughter were found in Rawlins, where he was arrested and she was put into foster care.
But it now turns out the man is still legally married to the girl's mother. That means the father had as much right to custody of the girl as the mother.
Wyoming authorities also note that the mother is under investigation in Texas, but would not elaborate.
Carbon County Sheriff Jerry Colson says the little girl was very happy to be reunited with her father, but did not express that same joy when she was reunited with her mother earlier in the day.