Ballot Issues by County in 2012 General Election

Nov 6, 2012

In addition to voting on candidates this general election, voters were asked to decide on three Constitutional Amendments and, in most counties, on local proposals for sales taxes and development projects.

Here's the breakdown of the ballot questions.


- Authorize property tax not exceeding 1/2 mill on the dollar of assessed valuation of all taxable property in Albany County for planning, developing and providing regional transportation?

- Authorize 1/4 penny sales tax to benefit Laramie Economic Development Corporation? FAILED

Big Horn:

- Authorize a 1% sales tax for specific use? FAILED

- Authorize a school bond to pay for swimming pool? FAILED

Campbell County:

- Re-authorize a 2% lodging tax?


- Re-authorize a property tax of 1/2 mill (not to exceed 2 mills) on all property within Carbon County School District One for maintenance of post secondary education services?


- Authorize a 1% sales tax to benefit 1) library? PASSED 2) an education building and maintenance account for Eastern Wyoming College? PASSED


- Authorize a conservation district tax not to exceed 1 mill on all property within Crook County for the purpose of providing natural resource programs?


- Re-authorize 4% lodging tax? PASSED

Hot Springs:

- Re-authorize 4% lodging tax?

Laramie County:

-Re-authorize conservation district tax to benefit  soil and conservation programs? PASSED


- Re-authorize 4% lodging tax? PASSED


- Authorize 1% temporary sales tax to build public library? FAILED


- Re-authorize conservation district tax to benefit natural resources conservation programs and education? PASSED

- Re-authorize property tax on all property within Niobrara County to benefit senior citizens service district? PASSED


- Authorize a 1% sales and excise tax to be used for infrastructure? FAILED

- Re-authorize lodging tax? PASSED


- Increase property tax from 3 mills to 6 mills to provide additional funding to support the Platte County nursing home and other district services? PASSED

- Re-authorize 2 mill property tax for the senior citizen service district? PASSED

- Re-authorize 2% lodging tax? PASSED


- Authorize a 4% lodging tax in the city of Sheridan?


- Authorize a 1% sales tax for specific projects?

- Proposition 1? PASSED

- Proposition 2? PASSED

- Proposition 3? FAILED

- Shall Sweetwater be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in order to build a pool at the high school? PASSED


- Re-authorize 6th penny tax for the purpose of 1) purchasing 10 acres of land in Jackson? 2) to expand bike path around Jackson? 3) to close the Teton County landfill and plan for a new trash, composting, and recycling facility?


- Authorize a 1% sales tax for general revenue?


- Authorize a 4% lodging tax? PASSED

- Shall the Weston County Hospital District mill levy be increased from 3 to 6 mill to provide additional funding to support the District's hospital, nursing home, Home Health Services, Life Line, and other District services? PASSED