Ban On Gay Marriage Passes Committee

CHEYENNE, wyo – A Wyoming legislative committee voted 7-2 to approve a bill that would ban all gay marriages performed elsewhere from being recognized in Wyoming. The state currently does not allow gay marriages to be performed in the state. That's why house majority floor leader Tom Lubnau of Gillette supports the bill

"We are not extending the same rights to our citizens that we are extending to citizens of other states," says Lubnau.

Lubnau adds that there is no appetite to allow gay marriages to occur in Wyoming... But Butch Nultch of Torrington says people deserve this right. Representing Wyoming Watchdog, a citizens rights group, Nultch says the government has no right to say who can and cannot be married. He added that many of those who support the bill fight equally as hard to keep the government from taking gun rights

"The same individuals who support this were the ones for the most part who did not think we needed gun control," says Nultch. "So I can only assume that the argument is that marriage is more dangerous than guns."

The bill is sponsored by Owen Petersen of Mountain View. It now heads to the House floor for debate.