Barrasso calls filibuster rule change a distraction

Nov 21, 2013

Today the U-S Senate approved historic changes to its filibuster rule over the objection from Wyoming’s two Republican senators.

You know those regulations Wyoming Republicans are always complaining about? Well a lot of them have to pass through the little known but powerful D-C Circuit Court.

That's why Republicans filibustered the president’s three nominations to fill vacant seats on that court. Now instead of needing 60 votes for most nominees to gain approval, the majority party will only need 51 votes. Republicans are smarting over the change. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso says Democrats created a false crisis.

“This is obviously an effort for the Democrats to try to distract from a terrible, failed health care law and the fact that the president’s approval is now at 37%. They’re trying desperately and shamelessly to change the discussion; it’s not going to happen. We’re going to stay focused on the failures of the presidency and the president’s health care law.”

Democrats say the rules change was necessary after Republicans held up an unprecedented number of presidential nominees.