Barrasso opposes climate bill

Washington D-C – Some leading Democrats in the U-S Senate have offered a ambitious climate change measure that would require a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and an 83-percent reduction by 2050. It is a larger reduction then the U-S house passed with its controversial legislation earlier this summer. While some Democrats are expressing some concern about the bill Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works committee called a press conference to denounce the bill. Among those speaking was Wyoming U-S Senator John Barrasso who said

"We know that it is going to raise prices for American families, it is going to make it much tougher for American families. Senator Boxer was quoted as saying in regard to this bill that this is the higher water mark for this bill. But with a bill like this, the American people and this economy are going to remain under water."
But while Barrasso says it will cost jobs, The University of California at Berkeley, said in a report published today that the American Clean Energy and Security Act passed in the house in June would create up to one point nine million jobs by 2020.