Barrasso opposes strict climate change standards

Laramie, Wy – U-S Senator John Barrasso does not favor restrictions on energy development in an effort to slow global climate change. Barrasso doubts the U-S can do anything that will have much of an impact for many years. "When I look at the amount of money that is going to spent and the drag on the economy, for what I perceive as very little benefit years and years down the line. I think that money could be better spent. And to put all of that kind of money and to slow down our own economy, from an energy standpoint, on the issue of global warming and climate change, to me is not the best use of our limited resources."
Barrasso does favor research that will help find ways to develop clean energy, including coal. But he says other countries must also play a role. Barrasso tries to retain his Senate seat against Democrat Nick Carter in November.