Barrasso wants to go to Copenhagen

Washington D-c – Barasso wants the world science community to reassess global warming after recently released emails raised questions about the agenda of top climatologists.
BARASSO "I think these emails cause a great amount of skeptism and suspicion. When I was in college we were talking about the freezing of the planet, now we're talking about the warming of the planet." (:10)
And he's worried commitments the U.S. makes to fight global warming may hurt the economy That's why he and a group of Republicans want to be at the U-N summit in Denmark.
Democrat Barbara Boxer wants to go as a show of support for tough new environmental policies.
BOXER "If I can go I will go but the most important thing is the President is going. That's really good news and he's going towards the end, that's also good news maybe they'll feel comfortable and confident and they'll be a good political agreement." (:13)
Senators on both sides may end up grounded in Washington because of the healthcare debate.
From Capitol News Connection for Wyoming Public Radio, I'm Megan Hughes.