Barrasso's Anti-Abortion Stance Draws Attention

Laramie, WY – John Barrasso says he'll vote on many issues the same way that Craig Thomas did. And on one of those issues, abortion, he's already drawn fire from Wyoming's NARAL pro-choice group while he was a Wyoming state senator. NARAL head Sharon Breitweiser says her organization is disappointed that he was selected for the job. She is critical of Barrasso's sponsorship of a state bill that would make killing a pregnant woman a double-homicide. It passed the state legislature only to be vetoed by the governor. But Steven Ertelt with the anti-abortion group Right-to-Life Wyoming says Barrasso will likely represent his organization's views well on the senate floor. However, Ertelt says he believes that it will not be abortion, but bioethics issues like embryonic stem cell research, that will put Barrasso to the test.