Beef Recalled and Replaced by Kroger Co.

Cheyenne, WY – The Kroger Co. has restocked certain
ground beef products at King Soopers and City Market after recalling others as a precaution.

The company voluntarily recalled the ground beef because of cases of E. coli illness in Michigan and Ohio.

A company spokesman says all questionable products were pulled from the shelves Tuesday night, the equipment was cleaned and sanitized, and then fresh cases were placed in the markets on Wednesday.

The company says customers can return questionable meat to any King Soopers store for a refund or replacement.

The three types of recalled ground beef are:
- Angus ground beef sold at full-service counters with "sell
by" dates between June 20 and July 3.
- One-pound packages of Private Selection 91 percent lean
natural ground beef sold in self-service counters with "sell by"
dates between June 20 and July 3.
- Any Angus ground beef from the self-service cases with "sell
by: dates between June 20 and July 3. These are also
plastic-wrapped, tray packages.
Cooking meat to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees
will kill E. coli.