Bible Campers Have Stomach Problems

Cheyenne, Wy – A Bible camp in northern Albany county
has closed during an investigation into the cause of stomach
ailments that have affected more than 30 people who have visited
there since last month.
According to the Wyoming Health Department, the directors of
Camp Grace near Wheatland voluntarily shut down the camp on July
Health Department spokeswoman Kim Deti said today (Tuesday) the department has ordered the camp to remain closed
while the situation is being investigated.
The department says more than 200 people have participated in
programs at the camp since June 15th. The department had
interviewed nearly 50 of the visitors as of yesterday (Monday), and
31 reported developing stomach problems either while they were at
the camp or after they left.
Although the cause of the sickness hasn't been pinpointed, Deti
said the investigation is focusing on the camp's wells and water