Big flood in Crook County has slowed for now.

Hulett, WY – With over 2-thousand sandbags filled and positioned, and over 100 volunteers working to monitor water levels in Crook County officials are hoping that they've seen the worst of area flooding. But Karen Cook of the Crook County Emergency Management office says they are preparing for more.
"But right now we're looking at, at least tonight, another 70% chance of precipitation up in Hulett and the same for tomorrow, in addition to thunderstorms, so this is really concerning to us."
Over the weekend, water levels rose between four and ten inches in some places on the Bell Fourche river. Allen says as a result, two families have already voluntarily evacuated, several roads and bridges have been washed out. She adds that residents are urged to use caution driving and not to go around road barriers. Updated road information is available on the Crook County website.