Big Horn Sheep transplant is doing well

Sinclair, WY – The Wyoming Game and Fish department says that its two year Big Horn sheep reintroduction effort appears to be working. Lambing will occur in a few weeks, but the Wildlife Biologist monitoring overall sheep numbers in the Seminoe Mountain near Sinclair says it's the most successful transplant they have ever had in that area. Justin Clapp says they currently have about 60 surviving Big Horn sheep, and he says the goal is to increase that number to 300.
Clapp says it's an important project for Game and Fish.
"We want the general public or landowners to have that resource. To know that resource was historically there and basically eliminated. We have all the possibilities for sheep to be back in that area and we want to do that."
Clapp says the reason this transplant is more successful than several other failed re-introduction efforts is that they went out of state to find Big Horn Sheep that fit in better with the habitat in that area.