Bikes Get a Boost

Laramie, WY – Bicyclists may get more freedom to ride the roads. The legislature's committee for transportation issues voted Monday to back a bill that would let bikers use roads, even when there's a bike path nearby. Wyoming law currently says that when a bike path is next to a road, cyclists must use the path. Cyclist Amber Travsky organizes the six-day "Tour de Wyoming." She says the bike path is not a good option for advanced bikers who ride 30 miles an hour. "In training mode, I avoid the bike paths because my goal is to get my heart rate up, get a speed going, and it's not compatible with the other pedestrians and the other slow-moving cyclists on the path," she said. A 73-year-old man who was inline skating on a path in Teton County died this summer after he collided with a bicyclist.