Bill Would Fund Clean Coal Technologies

Washington D-C – As one of the nation's top coal-producers, Wyoming is spending millions of dollars on the development of clean coal technologies. Now the US Congress is considering a bill that would tax consumers to fund such research.
The bill in Congress would let utilities collect an additional ten to twelve dollars per customer a year. A private corporation run by the utility industry would distribute the money to projects on carbon capturing and storage. At a Capitol Hill hearing, President of the American Electric Power Michael Morris says utility companies are ready to start.
For one time in my career, we have the cart, the horse and the appropriate alignment. And we should go forward and have a piece of legislation that says to the world America is ready to lead and in fact his legislation will allow us to do that.
Most lawmakers say they support clean-coal research. But some question whether a private corporation can properly handle the money.
The hearing came one week after the Western Governors Association passed a resolution calling for the federal government to fund clean coal projects.