Bill would raise allowable political contribution

Cheyenne, Wyo. – A legislative committee has approved a bill that would increase the amount that an individual may contribute to a candidate in Wyoming.

It would raise individual contributions from a thousand dollars up to $2,300 hundred dollars per election. It would allow a person to contribute $4,600 hundred dollars if they donate in both the primary and general elections.

But the Equality State Policy Center's Dan Neal says the increase is too much.

"Especially at the legislative level these races just don't cost that much. We don't see what problem they are trying to resolve, Neal said. "It's better for the system if we can have some sort of equality by contributors."

Neal fears that it could only take one married couple's contribution to swing a campaign in a local legislative race. But Senator Bruce Burns says the cost of campaign ads is increasing. The bill, called Campaign Contributions, now goes to the Senate Floor.