Bison Advocate Fined For Misdemeanor

Laramie, WY – A leader of a bison advocacy group has
been convicted of a misdemeanor, for obstructing a peace officer
while filming a bison hazing last spring.

Dan Brister is project director for the Buffalo Field Campaign.

He's been fined $585 and sentenced to six months probation. Brister
says he might appeal his conviction.

He was arrested last May, as the Montana Department of Livestock
was pushing 300 to 400 bison back into Yellowstone National Park.

Brister says he and other group members were trying to shoot video
of the hazing, and the arresting officer overreacted.

He says the Highway Patrol trooper threw him to the ground, causing a gash above his temple that required three staples to

The prosecutor says officers at the scene were trying to ensure
the public safety.