Bison hunt will be extended

Jackson, Wy – Wildlife managers say they're extending the bison hunting season on the National Elk Refuge by three weeks in an effort to thin the Jackson herd.
Hunters have killed about 140 bison of the 1,200-head herd so
far this season. Officials with the Wyoming Game and Fish
Department and the National Elk Refuge say they ultimately want to
bring the herd down to 500 animals.
Officials say the bison population needs to be controlled to
minimize concerns over disease transmission, competition with elk
and habitat damage.
Refuge Manager Steve Kallin says many bison have remained in
Grand Teton National Park, just north of refuge border, because of
ample food availability there.
The refuge bison season had been scheduled to end Dec. 15 and
will now end Jan. 4. Licensed hunters who have yet to kill a bison
this year can pick up permits to access the Elk Refuge at the Game
and Fish Department office in Jackson.