Bison killed in Wyoming could set world record

Jackson, WY – A bison known as "Old Lonesome" stands to
break an 82-year-old record after a hunter killed it in western
Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest.
The bison's horns measured 32 inches from tip to tip and 18 and
19 inches individually. That puts the animal ahead of the existing
record, a bison killed in Yellowstone National Park in 1925.
The bison's head will need to dry for 60 days and be measured
again for the record to stand.
E.D. Riekens Jr., of Cheyenne, shot the bison on Sept. 18. He
says the bison was so big, it was like "looking at a dinosaur or a
Riekens says there was no question in his mind whether to shoot
Old Lonesome, and he says he killed the animal with one bullet.
Riekens says he has extra freezers ready to store the meat.