Bison Plan Never Funded

Yellowstone National Park – An eight-year-old plan would give bison
grazing room outside Yellowstone National Park. But it's never been
put in place, because promised federal funding hasn't materialized.
The Interagency Bison Management Plan, adopted in 2000, provided
for a 2.8 million dollar, 30-year lease of bison grazing rights on
the Royal Teton Ranch next to the park. The lease would give the
bison another 7,500 acres of winter habitat.
The federal government pledged 1.5 million dollars toward the
lease -- but has never come through with the money.
Tim Stevens is Yellowstone program manager for the National
Parks Conservation Association. He says federal agencies are
reneging on the 2000 agreement, despite state and private
commitments of more than 1.3 million dollars toward the lease.