Blankenship Blasts Audit

Cheyenne, Wy – While an Audit of the State Department of Education alleges some improprieties, the State Superintendent says it was poorly done, and is overreaching. Trent Blankenship called a news conference to say that the audit was another political attack on him and his department. Blankenship says the audit was supposed to look at whether the Education department bypassed the competitive bidding process while leasing a building in Riverton. But the audit also alleges possible nepotism, improper documentation, improper reimbursement for training and apparent circumvention of state rules. Blankenship complains that the audit is politically motivated. He says the Governor has tried to intimidate him since his first day in office. He adds that the purpose of the audit was to embarass the Department of Education. Blankenship also says the Governor was trying to make it easier to remove a Republican from the position of Superintendent. Blankenship denies that he is the only Republican official facing such attacks, saying that he just won't be quiet about it.