Blankenship Considers Alaska Job as Education Dept. is Audited

Cheyenne, WY – One of Wyoming's top five elected officials is a finalist for a job in Alaska. Monday, the State Education Department confirmed that Superintendent of Public Instruction, Trent Blankenship, is indeed a candidate for a district superintendent's position in the far northern part of Alaska. Wyoming Department of Education Communication Director, Debra Hinckley, says Blankenship is currently on his annual leave and not available for comment himself. And while Blankenship's motivations cannot be known until he speaks publicly, State Senator Hank Coe says he thinks the Superintendent's job is the most demanding of the top five elected officials. Coe says maybe Blankenship wanted to return to work on the individual school level, instead of being in the firing line of K-12 education on a statewide basis. Meanwhile Wyoming Public Radio has learned that there is an audit of the Education Department looming over spending in the Special Education Division. The results of the audit will be made public next week and the details of what it contains are limited right now. But State Representative Jeff Wasserburger, the House Education Committee Chairman, says the audit will point out things the Department needs to correct, but as far as he knows, it will not show any misappropriation of funds.