Blankenship is Leaving

Casper, WY – The state's top educator announced Friday that he is resigning his post to take a job in Alaska. Superintendent of Public Instruction Trent Blankenship says it's with a great deal of joy that he accepts his new position. He says it's the right thing to do for his family, which he says has suffered during his time in office. But Blankenship also says it's with regret and humility that he resigns. He says he owes the voters of Wyoming an apology for vacating his office early. Blankenship says time away from his family is the main reason for wanting to leave his job. But he says the politics that have been involved have also made the work difficult, particularly his relationship with Governor Freudenthal. Blankenship says his job would have absolutely been easier with a Republican in the Governor's office. Blankenship says it is the wrong approach to look at education politically. He says the more children's issues are viewed on partisan terms, the less we serve kids. His resignation is effective August 1st.