B.L.M. Approves Winter Drilling Near Pinedale

Laramie, Wy – The Bureau of Land Management has agreed to allow a company to drill on the Pinedale Anticline through the winter. Questar made a proposal to the B-L-M saying it would use several different techniques to cut down on the impact in the area all year round in exchange for the opportunity to drill during the winter. This is an issue because the Anticline is crucial winter habitat for deer and antelope. The B-L-M's Carol Kruse says this is the best decision for the land because the offers from Questar will make such a difference like reducing the size of the impact, air pollution, and the number of roads.
Kruse says they could not require Questar to do all of these things and then not allow them to drill during the winter because of protocol. And Questar says the deal makes it economically feasible to put so much money into reducing impacts.