BLM keeps working on Baggs Dam

Rawlins, WY – The Bureau of Land Management says the Little Robber Detention Dam near Baggs has had its condition upgraded to weakened but stable.
BLM Spokeswoman Serena Baker says a break in the corrugated metal pipe of the principal spillway is eroding the base, and the BLM worris that warmer weather and increased spring run-off could increase the water level in the reservoir, and put pressure on the dam. Baker says the situation is being constantly monitored.
"We have been on site evaluating it. And because the water level in the Little Robber Reservoir, which is backed up by that dam, that water level has dropped and so that has taken some of the pressure off of that pipe."
Temporary repairs on the dam will begin this week and permanent repairs will commence after further evaluation on the best way to proceed. The BLM does not see any imminent danger of collapse.