BLM Tests Fertility Control of Wild Horses

Laramie, Wy – There are now about 32 thousand wild horses on public lands in the United States. That is three thousand more than the target population. To deal with this the Bureau of Land Management is now testing a new way to control the number of horses. The B-L-M's Linda Coates Markle says they have tried out a vaccine that prevents pregnancy for one or two years. She says the tests are going very well and could also bring down the cost of managing horses by up to 50 percent. She says so far the shot they give mares has not had any negative affect on the animals.
Markle says the B-L-M has used the fertility control on horses in the Pryor Mountain herd for several years now and that has gone well. Pryor Mountain is on the border with Montana. The agency is also starting to give shots to some mares near Powell.