BLM Withdraws Land From Lease Sale

Laramie, WY – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has
withdrawn two parcels of land from a planned energy lease sale in response to concerns from the state game and fish department. The two parcels are north of Daniel, in western Wyoming. The game and fish department says they include important wildlife migration routes. Gregg Arthur is deputy director of the game department. He wrote to the BLM last month saying that oil and gas development on the parcels would restrict the movement of mule deer and antelope. He
wrote that development there could also affect sage grouse populations. The two parcels were among five the B-L-M had planned to auction off on Tuesday that have been protested by several conservation groups and individuals. The B-L-M says the remaining parcels will
still offered for lease and that the agency will refund the bidders' money if the protests are later found to have merit.