Boosted efforts to build Wyoming Toad population

Laramie, WY – This year, the Wyoming Toad Recovery Team is releasing more tadpoles than ever before. It's part of a repopulation effort which began in the mid-90s.

Jason Palmer, a wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says between 17 and 18 thousand tadpoles will be released in Albany County. That's compared to around 10 thousand in recent years. Only a small percentage is likely to reach adulthood: "It's hard to say how many survive. I've heard different estimates from one to three percent that you release survive to adulthood. So the higher number that we release definitely the better chance of them making it."

The tadpoles are released on two sites in Albany County, the only place where the toad is found. The Wyoming Toad has been listed as endangered since 1984, and was for several years thought to be extinct.