Bresnan drops Cheyenne television station

Cheyenne, Wy – About 30,000 Bresnan Communications cable subscribers in Cheyenne and Albany County have lost their local CBS affiliate, KGWN, because of a contract dispute between the station and Bresnan.
Bresnan removed the station - known as CBS NewsChannel 5 -
shortly after midnight Wednesday morning. Bresnan substituted the
KGWN broadcast with a Weather Channel feed.
KGWN General Manager Joan Turner-Doyle says 60 percent of the
station's Cheyenne customers get the station through Bresnan.
She says customers in outlying Laramie County towns, such as
Burns, are not affected because they are served by a different
cable company. Likewise, the KGWN broadcast in the Nebraska
panhandle and northern Colorado are not affected.
A Bresnan spokesman did not return a phone call seeking comment.
On channel 5, Bresnan scrolled a message saying the company will
continue negotiations with KGWN. The message says Bresnan
subscribers can watch CBS on KCNC out of Denver.