Bridger Teton supervisor stepping down

Laramie, WY – After over ten years Bridger-Teton National Forest supervisor Kniffy Hamilton is stepping down. Hamilton admits that serving as the head of what she terms the crown jewel of national forests is difficult because she loved the job
"I think it's a very complex forest. And I think it's because so many people of different interests value the Bridger Teton in every way. So, they all love it and are very concerned how the forest is used and I think their heart is in the right place of wanting it managed the way they want it. But they all value it because it is such a fantastic forest. "
Hamilton says one of her most positive memories is how firefighters attacked the Green Knoll fire in 2001 and contained it at 44-hundred acres with no damage to homes. She also designated a migration path for Pronghorn, and declared a number oil and gas leasing areas off limits to drilling. Hamilton says she plans to remain in Jackson Hole.