British Soldiers Training in Wyoming Arrested

Laramie, Wy – Two British soldiers have been charged
with raping a Guernsey woman near the Wyoming Army National Guard base where the soldiers had been training.
Scott James Aitken and Andrew Leighton were charged with first-degree sexual assault. If convicted, they could face between five and 50 years in prison.
Court documents did not list their ages or hometowns.
The alleged victim contacted The Associated Press, saying she was raped early Wednesday morning.
Platte County Attorney Eric Alden confirmed that the woman who called the A-P was the alleged victim. It is A-P policy not to identify alleged victims in sexual assault cases.
Aitken and Leighton have been released into the custody of American and British military officials.
Alden says the men are not to leave the country, and that the British military guaranteed they would be available for trial.
A spokesman for the British Embassy in Washington says the embassy is aware of the situation and British military officials are cooperating.