Brucellosis confirmed

Daniel, Wy – The Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
says it has confirmed positive brucellosis tests for two cows from
a Daniel ranch.
The state reported last week that blood tests taken at a sale
barn first showed the cows had brucellosis.
The cows then were sent to the state veterinary lab, where the
brucellosis bacterium was cultured from the tissues of both cows.
The Wyoming Livestock Board and USDA Animal Plant Health
Inspection Service say they plan to test the rest of the ranch's
herd to see if more cattle are infected.
The state has not released the name of the ranch where the
brucellosis occurred.
The Wyoming Livestock Board says the rancher will have to decide
whether to slaughter the entire herd or conduct repeated testing
and removal of animals that test positive.
If the rancher decides not to slaughter the herd, it could
endanger Wyoming's federal status as brucellosis-free.