Brucellosis Group Considering Feedground Phase Out

Laramie, WY – A proposal to phase out three elk feedgrounds in the Gros Ventre area east of Jackson Hole may not get too far on its own. Wyoming Brucellosis Coordination Team Chairman Frank Galey says they are considering the proposal made by three conservation groups and keeping an open mind about it. But he says the initial reaction was that the proposal should be addressed as part of a recommendation already made by the task force. That recommendation is to have the Game and Fish Department draft plans to manage for brucellosis in each of western Wyoming's elk herds. And that could include the phase out of feedgrounds. But Galey admits the Gros Ventre elk herd is not scheduled to be among the first studied. The conservation groups say phasing out the Gros Ventre feedgrounds would be a wise pilot project because there is plenty of available winter range for the elk.