Brucellosis Issue Discussed

Lander, Wy –
Discussion about the Campbell County brucellosis case opened the 7th meeting of the Governor's brucellosis task force today in Lander. This case is significant because it is the first in Wyoming outside the Greater Yellowstone area going as far back as the mid-70's, if not further.
The good news is that only two cows in Campbell County have turned up with brucellosis. The rest of that herd and those nearby have tested negative, but how the disease got there still is a mystery. Bret Combs is the federal veterinarian in charge of Wyoming. Combs says there is nothing to hang their hats on, in terms of cattle sources. But it is also still too early to say cattle aren't responsible. The next likely culprit would be the nearby elk herd, but the belief has been that brucellosis wasn't present there. Game and Fish Director Terry Cleveland says they plan to test elk in that herd this fall.