Brucellosis Task Force Progress Is Slow

Jackson, Wy – To protect Wyoming cattle from brucellosis the state needs to first address the disease in elk and bison. But a state task force charged with addressing brucellosis is proceeding cautiously with recommendations to reduce or eliminate the disease in wildlife. Wyoming Public Radio's Aaron Alpern reports

This task force brings together all sorts of people with a stake in brucellosis: ranchers, hunters, outfitters, government agencies, and conservation groups. Even though these groups all have different ideas for how to address brucellosis in wildlife, there really hasn't been any butting of heads. That's mostly because the Brucellosis Coordination team has only dipped its toe into the matter with a no-debate brainstorming session. 46 different recommendations were offered. Some were predictable, while others were unusual.
From the 46 candidates, the group plans to make about six-12 recommendations, so the diverging opinions won't stay quiet forever.