Buchanan Added To List Of Finalists

Laramie, Wy – University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan is back in the mix to become the Permanent President of U-W. Following a lengthy executive session Trustees decided that Buchanan should be the third finalist to replace Phil Dubois. The campus community called for Buchanan to be added to the list of finalists but he admits he has mixed emotions. But he did not want to comment further on his name being added to the list.
Trustee Warren Lauer from Laramie admits that trustees have had some long discussions about the process but would not give insight on Buchanan's sudden inclusion on the list of finalists.
Buchanan will interview with the Trustees, but he will be the only candidate not invited to make a presentation before the campus community. Lauer and other trustees say that is because Buchanan is already well known at U-W while the other candidates are not.