Buffalo Bill Museum wraps up renovations

May 17, 2012

The Buffalo Bill Historic Center in Cody will host a “First Look” at the museum’s reinstallation. The Buffalo Bill Museum recently wrapped up a two-year campaign, during which it raised 2-point-7-5 million dollars to cover renovations and update technology.

Executive Director Bruce Eldredge says the museum will offer updated website components, videos and smart phone apps that share additional information about objects in exhibit.

“This is the way the most museums are moving now, because audiences under the age of 40 or 45 require and expect to learn using that technology," Eldredge said. "Our exhibition that we had before the renovation was done 25 years ago. And it certainly did not meet any of the modern technological needs that our current visitors have.”

Eldredge says the new exhibit will be 80 percent finished during the “First Look” events on Saturday and Sunday. He adds that visitors will be able to see the final items installed during museum hours over the next month.