Buford sells for $900,000

Apr 6, 2012

Bidders and spectators from around the area and around the world flocked to Buford, Wyoming today/yesterday for the auction of what’s been called “The Nation’s Smallest Town.”

Four months after the doors of the Buford Trading Post were shuttered, the parking lot was once again filled with cars and trucks. Williams and Williams, the Oklahoma-based auction house, re-opened the Trading Post to sell of Buford’s 10 acres and five buildings, which include the service center.

Bidding began at 100-thousand-dollars, and lasted about six minutes. The company fielded offers from Wyomingites and foreigners.

Ultimately, Buford went for a winning bid of 900-thousand-dollars to two men from Vietnam who have never been to the United States before the sale. They have hired the Cheyenne-based Al-Rose Auction and Realty LLC to represent them. Al-Rose declined to provide the names of the buyers or their plans for the property.