Burbling Mudpots in Southwest: Water Contamination?

Laramie, WY – Some people are worried about a growing number of methane-burping, muddy swamps in south-central Wyoming. These so-called mud pots are within a few miles of the Atlantic Rim area, where Anadarko has drilled 160 new coal bed methane wells. Larry Hicks of the Little Snake River Conservation District says nobody knows if the methane drilling has caused the mud pots. But he says they showed up right after the rigs did. Hicks says he's worried that they're a sign that re-injected methane water is mixing with fresh water near the surface. And, that it will get worse, as the small initial project expands. The Bureau of Land Management will likely approve a plan that says that 2000 wells can be drilled in the area. That decision is due in the next 30 days.