Business Council To Decide Casper Flights

Jackson, WY – The fate of an effort to start flights between Casper and Minneapolis will be decided Wednesday. The Wyoming Business Council will decide whether to award a $1.8 Million grant that's needed to start the Northwest Airlines service. Casper Area Economic Development Alliance President Chris Manegold says having Northwest in Casper would benefit travelers throughout central Wyoming. He says another airline will bring competition and hoepfully lower airfares. One of the most attractive parts of this proposal is that Northwest would fly jets. But the deal would involve a revenue guarantee, which means a sizeable check may need to be written to the airline if revenue targets aren't met. The Business Council will also decide on 16 Business Ready Community grant applications. The total price-tag of those projects is almost $15 million. Many projects will be rejected because there's only about $4.5 Million left in the program for this year.