Business Development Grant Scrutinized

Laramie, WY – A request for 810-thousand dollars in state economic development grant money to help bring a private technology firm to Jackson is drawing objections.
The State Loan and Investment Board will meet Thursday to determine whether to approve the grant. The board has received letters opposed to using public money for the proposal by Imagine Jackson, a Jackson community development organization.
State Representative Pete Jorgensen of Jackson questioned using the Wyoming Business Council grant to help "a healthy business venture in the most expensive real estate market in Wyoming."
Jackson lawyer Peter Moyer says the proposal "is a very direct
subsidy for a private business operation."
The Jackson Town Council supported the application by Imagine
Jackson to buy a building and lease it to a firm specializing in
development of robotic research systems.
Supportes say the proposal will create high-paying jobs and
diversify Teton County's job market.
The Wyoming Business Council has backed the request.